Typhoon Homewares Adds Kilner Food Storage

Typhoon Homewares is adding new food storage products to the Kilner kitchenware brand.

The new Kilner Set of two fermentation jars enables consumers to make smaller batches of fermented foods at home. The jars feature a silicone valve in a 68 fluid ounce preserve jar with lid that will release the gas that builds up inside the jar during the fermentation process while ensuring that the atmospheric air does not enter the jar. The set has a suggested retail price of $30.

The new Kilner stackable jar set with dispensing taps & stand comes with two jars that stack on top of one another. This allows them to be filled with two different liquids and served in tandem. It has a suggested retail price of $50.

New clip top bottles feature a new bottle shape. With capacities of 34 fluid ounces, 20.3 fluid ounces and 10 fluid ounces, the bottles are designed for storing and preserving oils, vinegars, cordials and syrups. The bottles have a suggested retail price range of $4.50 to $6.60.

The Kilner soup jar set enables a consumer to store, carry and consume soups whether at home or on the go, with the added benefit of being able to heat up the soup directly in the glass jar. Included in the set is a Kilner 11.8 fluid ounce wide mouth jar which comes with a silicone band to hold the Viners stainless steel soup spoon and a silicone disc cover with an air release hole for microwave use. It has a suggested retail price of $16.