Typhoon Introduces Herb Planter

Typhoon has introduced new kitchenware products, including herb planters and kitchen scales, which will be ready to ship at the end of September.

New herb planters are designed for consumers to plant and grow herbs and flowers in the kitchen. The planters are produced with high-quality coated steel. They come in a variety of designs that coordinate with the company’s Living, Otto and Monochrome ranges.

The company will also introduce new kitchen scales that feature an easy-to-read face dial. The kitchen scales have a vintage look and are made of a color-coated steel body with a stainless steel bowl. The new scales come in gray, cream and blue.

Typhoon has also introduced compost caddies to coordinate back to the scales, in gray and cream. The caddies come with two carbon filters and an internal bucket. Each caddy holds up to 67 ounces or 2.1 quarts.