Typhoon Introduces Viners Organic Knife Set

Typhoon Homewares has introduced the Viners Organic three-piece knife set with chopping board.

According to the company, the new set features knives and matching kitchen accessories with handles that have been crafted from 35% wheat fiber. The fiber is a natural byproduct of the wheat farming industry historically burnt by farmers. The blades have been made of at least 80% recycled steel, making this collection an ideal addition to the environmentally-conscious home.

The new set comes with a utility knife, paring knife, and chef knife, designed for food preparation from preparing vegetables to slicing meat. The contoured handles provide maximum comfort and a secure grip while the matching chopping board is a handy addition to any kitchen, keeping chopping surfaces separated and making everyday food preparation as effortless as possible.

Each knife comes with a 10-year knife warranty. The set has a suggested retail price of $25.