U-Konserve Releases Stainless Steel Food Containers

U-Konserve recently released its new line of silicone-topped stainless steel food containers. EcoVessel, a manufacturer of hydration products, recently acquired U-Konserve.

The new plastic-free lineup is designed to meet the needs of consumers who are looking for food storage alternatives as the movement to reduce plastic pollution grows.

The stainless steel containers are said to be leak-proof and designed to be used at home, in a lunchbox or for a weekend campout. The new product line is available for purchase in an array of sizes. The containers are sold individually or in a nesting set of three.

“For the launch of this new line, it was all about responding to our customers who were encouraging us to develop a totally plastic-free solution as their needs evolved, in addition to staying true to our mission to reduce the use of plastic in our products,” said Chance Claxton, vp/sales and product development at U-Konserve. “We are proud to say that we have done just that and we are already seeing positive results and happy customers.”