U.S.-Made Synergies Tie Into Lodge’s Finex Purchase

SOUTH PITTSBURGH, TN— The synergies between the two U.S.-made cast iron cookware manufacturers drove Lodge Cast Iron, which has been making cast iron cookware in the U.S. for more than 123 years, to acquire Finex Cast Iron, a Portland, OR-based cast iron manufacturing company. This is Lodge’s first acquisition in the company’s history.

According to Mike Otterman, president and CEO of Lodge, there were several reasons for the acquisition. These include the made in the U.S. commitment from both companies, the synergy between the two and the ability for Lodge to increase its product portfolio on the premium cast iron market.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity. At Lodge, we have an incredible passion for American-made cast iron cookware. Finex shares this passion and they needed additional support to continue to grow and develop their brand,” said Otterman.

Finex began its journey in 2012 on Kickstarter as founder Mike Whitehead, a cast iron cookware lover himself, set out to create cast iron cookware that addressed some of the attributes he felt were missing in newer cast iron pieces.

He worked with an industrial designer on the octagon shape for his cookware, which was designed to allow the pan to be set on its side for drying after washing or to aid in pouring. He also created a spring handle that gives users more surface area to grip and that also cools down after use quicker than cast iron handles. Several years later, the line hit the retail market, beginning with independent housewares stores.

Now, the company will continue its journey alongside the oldest cast iron manufacturer in America. According to Otterman, Lodge will work to elevate the manufacturing process of Finex cookware, allowing them to continue the tradition of vintage form mixed with elevated function, which continues to be the company’s point of differentiation in the cast iron cookware market.

“By bringing Finex into the Lodge family, we’ll work to fine-tune the process of casting Finex products while maintaining their polished, hand-seasoned surface and assembly. Together, we’ll continue to bring consumers the world’s best cast iron cookware so they can create delicious meals for generations,” he said.

According to Lodge, the core of the Finex business will continue to operate out of Portland and Finex employees will join the Lodge team. However, manufacturing will transition from Portland to Lodge’s foundries in Tennessee.

As far as continued marketing efforts and consumer recognition, the Finex brand will stand alone with its own social media platforms, website, and promotional materials, company officials said.