Urban Trend Adds New Space-Saving Measuring Cups

Urban Trend has added two new measuring cups to its lineup of kitchen gadgets. The new introductions build upon the company’s original four-cup model introduced last year, and also include integrated measuring spoons for space-saving and convenience.

The new measuring cups are available in one-cup and two-cup sizes and are constructed with the company’s patented conical designs that are said to offer storage and time-saving advantages. The measuring cups have easy-to-read calibration that allows users to view measurements from virtually any angle without having to lift the cup. 

The measuring spoons are built to fit neatly into the cone-shaped portion of each measuring cup for compact storage, but can also detach for use. The one-cup sized measuring cup comes with a removable two-tablespoon measure, while the two-cup sized measuring cup includes a total of five measuring spoons of varying sizes.