UT Brands Launches Discovery Branded Housewares

UT Brands has partnered with Discovery to launch two new licensed lines of Discovery branded products for both kids and adults. The product lines include Discovery Home & Go and Discovery Wash Time.

“Expanding our world through content and products from the comfort of your own home is the essence of what the Discovery brand is about,” said Robert Kushner, managing director, UT Brands Hong Kong. “That’s where our Discovery branded products come in: Discovery celebrates the curious, the adventurous and the inventive.”

According to Michael Stoll, president of UT Brands, the company is committed to developing unique and highly functional housewares, and the new Discovery branded lines maintain that focus. The Discovery Home & Go and Discovery Wash Time products are designed to be engaging, effective and address the concerns of both parents and children, he said.

Discovery Home & Go will include meal sets, lunch boxes and drinkware themed with motifs such as cosmos, dinosaurs and adventures. Discovery Wash Time will include dinosaur shaped shower heads, cosmos and dinosaur themed shower curtains.

“These products create that ‘wow’ factor that retailers are constantly looking for to drive purchases. They enable retailers to add diversity to their product offerings by creating a cost-effective, licensed solution,” Stoll noted.