Vacuvita Debuts Vacuum Sealing System

Vacuvita is debuting a fully automated and sustainable kitchen system designed to keep foods fresh for up to five times longer, according to the company, at the International Home + Housewares Show.

The company is targeting the line at housewares specialty retailers, as these retailers will be best equipped to tell the story behind Vacuvita’s new concept, and the company can also provide point of sale videos and place QR codes on all of its products.

The system centers around the Vacuvita home base, which has a lid that opens when the sensor on the front is touched. After closing the cover again, the base creates a vacuum to keep food fresh. The home base can also be used as a vacuum food sealer for the system’s storage containers and bags through connecting the vacuum tube to the container or bag and pressing a button.

Vacuvita’s storage containers, available in three sizes, can be used in the pantry, fridge or freezer. They can be vacuum sealed to keep foods fresher, and can also be used by consumers to take food to work with them.

The company also developed a QR code for each container, so consumers can keep track of what they stored in the container. Through using the brand’s app on their phone while at the supermarket, for example, they can know what they have left in their fridge and how many days the food is slated to remain fresh.

To use the system, consumers must first purchase the Home Base, which has a suggested retail of approximately $249.