Vandor Debuts Licensed Shopper Totes

Vandor, LLC has introduced a licensed line of space-saving, packable shopper totes. The fashionable and functional totes each feature one of five Vandor licenses including Marilyn Monroe, My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, Marvel Comics and Star Wars.
When not in use, the sturdy totes can be folded down to fit into a conveniently-sized snappable pouch. The eco-friendly bags, made partly with recycled material, are said to be lightweight, yet durable enough for regular use.
“With the addition of pop culture icons to foldable shopper totes, consumers can enjoy a highly functional product that is fun, fashionable and allows them to make a personal statement,” said Stacey Dobkins, vp/licensing and marketing for Vandor.
All of Vandor’s new products will be on display at major gift markets and industry shows throughout the year, including regional summer gift shows in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Vandor noted.