Vegas Mirrored Furniture Reflects New Design Notions

Mirror-encased furniture, championed and continually developed by mass-market oriented furniture producers such as Powell Home Fashions, have become more prominent over the past couple of years and made a strong impression on the Summer High Point Market. Powell been expanding the category, but other producers have been making their own inroads as well, including, for example, Office Star Products and Southern Enterprises, Inc., which have been exploring the segment in more depth with new purpose-built products on display at Las Vegas World Market Center show.

For the most part, reflective furniture has employed mirrors as a finish to illuminate typical designs. Now, producers are creating distinctly styled pieces for the purpose of framing the mirrored elements.

SEI put the idea of building around the mirror to funky effect with the CM-5 PURP-CM9163R Purple Mirage Mirrored Two-Drawer Console, a prototype presented at the Las Vegas Market. The purple form of the prototype’s frame enhances the dark mirror’s cool design, one destined for consumers who favor modern and/or eclectic decor. A sibling green item comes as an artichokey frame and darker-tone mirror tandem. Each currently is set to retail at $279.99.

The Summer Las Vegas Market closes today.