Vendors Craft Design Driven Lighting Styles

LAS VEGAS— At the Summer Las Vegas Market, lighting vendors showcased a range of lighting products styled to emphasize their manifestation of trending fashion but still crafted to make them compatible with home décor that, for most consumers, is more likely to be transitional or eclectic than extreme.

Portable lighting is becoming particularly design driven, with forms and materials becoming more diverse and even converse, yet harmonious in a way that makes them acceptable to a wide array of consumers.

On the one hand, natural materials are becoming ever more prominent, but, on the other, metal is getting more pronounced both in brushed and brighter applications.

In the rustic-industrial look that has become so popular, brushed and other low-luster metals predominated because of their ability to blend with natural materials, particularly wood. But, now, portable lighting developers are creating more contrasting combinations of natural and metal looks.

Of course, lighting has become more prominent in its home décor application as consumers have embraced any number of product segments that can help them in dressing up their homes, including wall and standing mirrors, some even with storage capacities that work to the consumer demand for utility.

Lamps have added their own new capacities, particularly in the form of LED lighting, which, in turn, created new design possibilities. And vendors are exploring those possibilities with gusto as they’ve seen increased acceptance of creative styling.

Among the new Las Vegas introductions that emphasize their connection to nature, Adesso’s marble-base Avery table lamp is sculptural in its appearance, eye-catchingly white, but mellowed by a tawny shade so it can fit into a variety of room environments.

Conversely, a chrome metal lamp from Pacific Coast Lighting has a form and crystal ball at its neck that give its design an antique slant, but the cream-colored shade and harmony of lines in the base make it a piece that is very different than the Avery lamp but is not strongly affiliated with any specific style designation and, so, could work in many rooms.

At Nova, a number of new lighting designs incorporated metal and wood in a way that connects to what the company identifies as soft contemporary styling. How the metal is positioned in relation to the wood in the lamp bases places the lamps in a range between contemporary and soft extremes, but all could at least fit with transitional room décor and even some more traditional settings, particularly in rustic industrial or modern mission looks.