Vericool Launches Ohana Recyclable Cooler

At a time when the beach is considered not only in terms of summer fun but also global pollution problems, Vericool has launched a recyclable and biodegradable cooler for consumers.

Ohana Coolers are multi-use reusable containers that can hold water for up to 30 plus days, according to a Vericool spokesperson. The largest size cooler in the line can hold up to 100 pounds.

Vericool makes the Ohana Cooler of 100% post-consumer paper waste. With that construction, the cooler is a fully-sustainable, 100% recyclable product, Vericool stated.

In consideration of the product positioning, Vericool will donate a portion of the proceeds from Ohana Cooler sales to organizations that protect marine life and work to rehabilitate the coasts and oceans of the Hawaiian Islands.

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