Vermicular Cookware Gears Up For U.S. Launch

Vermicular Cookware, a Japanese brand of cookware that includes Dutch ovens, is getting ready to make its debut in the U.S. market.

The company’s flagship product is a graphite cast-iron Dutch oven, called a Musui pot, with a tight-fitting lid. According to Vermicular, the pot allows home cooks to roast, stew, sear, sauté and braise. The cookware, said the company, is able to be used on any cooking surface, and also fits into the brand’s Kamado induction cooktop.

Vermicular noted that its design combines three dimensions of heating. This includes features like ring-shaped ribs on the bottom of the pot designed to moderate contact between ingredients and heat source, to prevent burning and evenly distribute heat throughout the pot; three layers of enamel coating for radiant heat to penetrate deep into ingredients; and the airtight seal, which contains all the steam released from the food within the pot and helps create greater convection to cook food gently and evenly, the company said.

The cookware is currently available for pre-order. The Musui pot, which comes in three colors, carries a suggested retail price of $300.