Vietri Develops Forma Sunset Color Exclusive For Bloomingdale’s

Vietri Inc. has teamed with Bloomingdale’s as part of the department store’s 100% campaign. The campaign features designers who will create capsule collections only to be carried at Bloomingdale’s. Vietri introduces an exclusive color Sunset in its Italian stoneware collection, Forma.

Meaning “shape” in Italian, Forma’s name refers to the handformed nature of each product. The artisan who developed the collection works in a family-owned workshop in the majestic mountains of Nove, Italy, and he purchased a new kiln in order to fire Forma’s clay at the highest temperatures possible for stoneware, ensuring unmatched strength, according to the company. Forma Sunset is microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe.  

Forma Sunset became available in select Bloomingdale’s stores on March 1.