Vietri Featured At 59th Street Bloomingdale’s Gallery

Vietri Inc. is featured in the Gallery on the sixth floor of the 59th Street Bloomingdale’s Store in New York City now through mid-September.

The Gallery is a space within Bloomingdale’s where brands can showcase their stories along with their products. Within the space, Vietri is featuring handcrafted products along with images of artisans and the Italian landscape, the company noted.

“We wanted to bring the spirit of Italy to life and to show the authentic craftsmanship behind our products. Our hope is that while spending time in the Gallery, people will be transported to Italy with the images and experience Vietri in a unique way,” said Vietri vp/marketing and e-commerce, Linh Calhoun.

Company founder and CEO Susan Gravely leads the product development team. “We are the work of many hands, from the clay to the molder, to the sculptor, to the painter, to the glazer, to the shipper, to the salesperson, to the retailer, to you,” said Gravely.

“No mass market, no mass production by metal machinery. Just materials from the earth, worked on by many hands, with a dedication to quality all day, every day to bring the beauty and passion of Italy to you with love,” she added.