Violife Styles Brand Identity As Beauty And Fashion Enhancer

At the International Home + Housewares Show, Violife unveiled its new line of Viossentials Beauty Elements To Go beauty bags. Each beauty bag includes the company’s Slim Sonic toothbrush and an assortment of new beauty tools, which also launched here individually.

To bring these new beauty products to life, Jonathan Pinsky, president and CEO, Violife, said the company stepped up its product development along with a refreshed brand focus on performance, style and portability.

“The whole thing about Violife is we’re a lifestyle company but it’s not just because you want a toothbrush or mirror with you, it’s because it’s an extension of your personal style,” said Pinsky. “You can get a trimmer, mirror or any of that stuff anywhere, but ours will be color and pattern coordinated. We need to be that extension of your own personal style, and we need to be working with retailers that understand that strategically having these tools all in one convenient, very giftable, fashion forward kit is a great differentiation for them to create incremental revenue.”

With design trends at the forefront of development, the new personal care assortment includes a 3-in-1 nail care kit, slim trimmer and magnifying mirror with prices ranging from $14.95 to $24.95. 

The three Viossentials Beauty Elements To Go beauty bags were unveiled in multiple styles and colors and range in price from $29.95 to $49.95. The company’s new Vioessentials Beauty To Go beauty bags are designed to fit the on-the-go consumer lifestyle. 

“The idea was to take these beauty tools and put them in compact, fun and stylish zip cases in leathers, fabrics, colors and, just like with our tools, come out with a spring line and a fall line,” said Pinsky. “We did them in great gift sets that are easy to travel with, easy to have in a purse and something really convenient.”