Vitamix Debuts Aer Disc Container

With an eye toward helping consumers make cocktails, sauces and dressings, Vitamix has debuted its Aer disc container.

Compatible with all full-size Vitamix blenders, including Ascent Series and Legacy Series appliances, the container’s Aer disc features circular and oval cutouts.

According to the company, the patent-pending Aer disc allows firmer ingredients to stay intact while extracting essential oils and juice. This allows air to incorporate into ingredients so that users can fine-tune delicate blends like creamy emulsions, light culinary foams and stiff whipped creams.

The new container is also said to act similar to a cocktail shaker as it allows the user to chill drinks without crushing ice. In addition, the Aer disc container allows for the creation of hot- and cold-foam café drinks similar to those sold in coffee shops.

“We know from customer feedback that Vitamix owners have different needs. Some use our high-performance blenders to simplify meal prep, while others want to experiment with recipes and take their cuisine to the next level,” said Scott Hackman, vp/strategy, brand and marketing operations at Vitamix. “With the Aer disc container, those users can create unique textures for anything from citrus juice for breakfast to chocolate mousse for dessert.”

Initially launched for front- and back-of-house applications in restaurants and bars, Vitamix has decided to make the same technology available for consumers.

The Aer disc container is available in a 48-ounce size and is made from durable, BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester. It is dishwasher safe and comes with a tamper to press ingredients toward the Aer disc.