Vitamix Introduces Ascent Series Blenders

Vitamix has introduced its Ascent Series blenders, a new line designed for high-performance blending, the company said.

The new blenders offer a complete system of containers with wireless connectivity. The appliance reads each container and automatically adjusts program settings and maximum blending times, and will not power on if the container isn’t sitting properly on the motor base. However, the company explained, the blenders will be able to evolve with technology.

As with previous Vitamix blenders, the new appliances also feature a powerful motor coupled with a precise timer to ensure optimal consistency for every blend, according to the company. The Ascent Series come with a 10-year full warranty, the company said, and are available in a variety of finishes, including metallic.

Each Ascent Series blender comes with a 64-ounce container and a clear lid, allowing users to monitor blending without interrupting it. The lid plug doubles as a measuring cup and the redesigned spout on the 64-ounce container features a narrower opening for easier and cleaner pouring into smaller serving dishes, the company said. Along with the full-size container, the series can be used with additional containers, such as a 20-ounce cup and an 8-ounce bowl, which come with lids.

Four Ascent Series blenders are available: model A3500 includes five pre-programmed settings (smoothies, hot soups, purées, frozen desserts and a cleaning cycle); model A3300 has touchscreen controls, and the built-in digital timer is programmable; model A2500 offers three pre-programmed settings (smoothies, purées and frozen desserts); and model A2300 features a built-in digital timer, sleek design and new container technology of other Ascent Series blenders.