Vitamix, Perfect Company Partner On ‘Smart’ Blending Platform

Vitamix and Perfect Company, a developer of connected kitchen products, have partnered to introduce the Vitamix Perfect Blend smart scale and recipe app.

The Vitamix Perfect Blend includes a stainless steel pro smart scale and a custom-created Vitamix version of the Perfect Blend app, which includes a Vitamix-branded interface tailored to Vitamix blenders. Vitamix users are able to choose their blender model and container. The app will then create a custom experience designed for their blender.

With the recipe app, users choose a recipe, adjust it to their desired serving size or number of calories, and pour ingredients directly into their Vitamix container for precise measurement. The virtual container fills up in real time and an audible “ding” signals when to stop pouring.

The Perfect Blend app will launch with more than 500 chef-tested recipes, including a special Vitamix recipe collection. When a user blends a recipe, in the app they will see a replica of their Vitamix blender with virtual dials showing how to blend, for how long and at which speeds. Users can also access and watch tutorial videos on how to use the app.

In addition, the app offers meal-planning tools, portions individual servings to the user’s desired number of calories and sends calorie and other nutritional data to fitness apps. Users can also enter favorite recipes or experiment with new creations and the app will calculate the nutritional value. It also customizes to the user’s lifestyle whether vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free, and enables recipe sharing on social media.

“Through our consumer research, we know that Vitamix owners are excited to add this useful and intuitive technology to their kitchens making it easier to create even complex recipes. The app also encourages them to successfully try new things for their family and friends. And it just makes cooking more interesting,” said Anthony Ciepiel, chief operating officer, Vitamix.

Michael Wallace, CEO, Perfect Company, added, “Top-quality, high performance Vitamix blenders have become the center of many modern-day kitchens. We’re so excited to partner with Vitamix to give Vitamix owners a whole new way to use their blenders to create even the most challenging recipes while achieving their dietary goals.”

The Vitamix Perfect Blend smart scale and accessories are available for purchase at with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $99.99, and will be demonstrated and sold during select demonstrations in Costco with a suggested retail price of $79.99.