VMatter Taps ‘Revolutionary’ Alloy For New Cutlery Line

New cutlery manufacturer VMatter is introducing a line of knives said to be the first in the world produced using a revolutionary amorphous metal alloy that allows cutlery to hold a sharp edge significantly longer than steel, the company said.

The alloy VMatter will use in the construction of its cutlery blades represents a new class of matter that was discovered at California Institute of Technology through research funded in part by NASA, the company said. The knives will be designed and assembled in California. Included in the line will be an 8-inch Chef’s knife, an 8-inch Slicing knife, a 7-inch Santoku knife and a 4-inch Paring knife. 

The alloy used in the new line has no grain boundaries, which are responsible for the weakness inherent even in fine steel, the company said, noting that the VMatter alloy possesses the best properties of metal and glass which makes it very durable. Additionally, the metal is 20% lighter and 330% more elastic than steel, 250% stronger than titanium and highly resistant to corrosion, the company said.

“The combination of these elements gives VMatter Cutlery the potential to revolutionize food preparation in the home and in commercial kitchens,” said Blair Dahl, president of VMatter.

According to the company, VMatter Cutlery’s key benefits are a durable and sharper edge than other metal knives, corrosion resistance, lighter weight and no metal taste from the knife to food.

VMatter cutlery is expected to roll out in December 2013.