Wahl Gets Some Buzz From New Music Video

Wahl recently partnered with lovelytheband on efforts to build excitement around “buzz cut,” the latest song and video to debut from the group’s sophomore album, “conversations with myself about you,” to be released on August 28.

With consumers picking up Wahl clippers for at-home buzz cuts, the debut of the new “buzz cut” music video from lovelytheband makes it the quintessential song of the summer, the company said. In theme with the song title, the “buzz cut” music video features a woman buzzing her friend’s hair with a Wahl Elite pro clipper.

“It’s been an unprecedented time in the world for home haircutting,” said Steven Yde, division vp/Wahl. “Years from now there will be many things to reflect on, but I believe one of the better memories will be the experiences that brought us closer together, like picking up clippers for the first time. That’s why we’re excited to be a part of the ‘buzz cut’ music video, it’s a moment in time reflected as art, and worthy for a time capsule.”

According to lovelytheband, “While timing of the song is coincidental in relation to the pandemic and the subsequent hype around home haircutting, the lyrics reflect a parallel message making it unintentionally prophetic and perfect for a partnership with Wahl.” They added, “The song is about having a connection with someone that cuts through the noise: from long hair, to short hair, and back again – it’s about a bond that’s down for the ride no matter the bumps.”