Wahl Launch Celebrates Men’s Grooming Initiatives

Following up on earlier initiatives, Wahl Clipper Corp. is introducing a new men’s grooming program meant to be the first of its kind. The company has launched a unique website dedicated to men’s grooming.

The new site, wahlgrooming.com, is billed as a complete resource for men interested in new hair or beard/mustache/side burn styles and offers tips on getting the looks included, Wahl noted. The site features a library of styles, instructional videos and expert advice while, at the same time, providing what research from Wahl suggests guys really want: help in the grooming department.

Wahlgrooming.com is meant as a new one-stop grooming destination that supports today’s modern total-grooming routine in which more guys are sporting facial hair and cutting their hair at home, the company asserted.

“Men’s grooming is evolving and Wahl is evolving with it,” Steve Yde, director/marketing for Wahl, said in detailing the online initiative. “Grooming used to be just about the face, but growing interest in multi-purpose grooming devices and hair clippers suggests guys are now thinking bigger picture when it comes to keeping up appearances. Through wahlgrooming.com, we’re supporting this new expanded grooming routine by offering guys one place to find, achieve and maintain a variety of hair and facial hair styles.”