Wahl Ties Fantasy Football Success To Facial Hair

With the football season winding up, Wahl teamed with Stats, a sports analysis company, to determine whether players with facial hair perform better than their clean-shaven counterparts in the fantasy football realm. To spotlight their conclusions, Wahl and Stats are giving fantasy football participants the chance to win $150,000 by playing the Wahl Fantasy Football Challenge at wahlfantasyfootball.com.

The free-to-join promotion, which launches tomorrow, allows participants to select three players sporting facial hair for a chance to win weekly prizes. The season’s top scorer earns a free seat at the 2015 National Fantasy Football Championship in Las Vegas, Wahl stated. The company added that it developed a Fantasy Football Facial Hair infographic cheat sheet that offers tips on drafting a winning team lineup.

According to the study, and the trimmer manufacturer that sponsored it, facial hair is an indicator of fantasy football success, and by more than a whisker. The Stats’ analysis of fantasy football data from the 2013 season determined that the odds of fantasy owners having a top-ranked running back, wide receiver and quarterback who sported facial hair last season were very good. Although facial-haired quarterbacks were in the minority in 2013, those sporting beards and/or mustaches produced fantasy points with far greater consistency, Wahl asserted: 86% of scruffy signal callers with a beard comb in their bathroom averaged at least 20 fantasy points per game compared to only 56% of clean-shaven ones. Facial hair also impacted QBs’ ability to avoid the rush and gain yards on the ground, Wahl noted. Among the top 10 rushing QBs, seven wore facial hair. Indeed, facial hair is a growing theme heading into the 2014 season, as eight of the 10 top ranked QBs have been sporting it throughout the preseason, Wahl maintained.

As for running backs, all but three of the top 10 rushing leaders last year carried the ball with hair on their faces, Wahl pointed out, and six of the top 10 touchdown-leading backs crossed the goal line clad in facial hair. Similarly, 60% of the top 20 fantasy wide receivers in 2013 had facial hair, Wahl related, and the bearded and mustachioed caught more touchdown passes, 44% more than their clean-shaven brethren.

“Facial hair is often associated with intimidation on the football field, but its popularity among today’s skill position players suggests it’s also about confidence,” said Steven Yde, Wahl director of marketing. “As an ambassador of facial hair, it’s great to see so many athletes choosing to let it grow and having success.”