Walgreens Boots Plans Store Investments, Integrated Operations

At its 2015 Analyst Day in New York City yesterday, Walgreens Boots Alliance executives outlined the key business drivers they believe will move the newly-created, international organization forward as it operates in markets across the globe with a common aim and focus, the company announced.

For its retail pharmacies in the United States, the company stated that it intends to establish an integrated, back-to-basics approach in its pharmacy and front of store operations.

The effort is designed to deliver ultimate convenience, customer loyalty and “extraordinary” customer and patient care. The company will support the customer experience by investments in key operational efficiencies such as IT systems, modernizing pharmacies and investing in customer care.

Walgreens Boots Alliance executive vice chairman and acting CEO Stefano Pessina said, “We are just over three months since the completion of our strategic combination and the launch of Walgreens Boots Alliance on December 31 2014, which itself happened months ahead of the original schedule thanks to the extraordinary work of our teams in the final weeks of 2014. We have achieved a lot in a short period of time, and everything we have seen convinces us that there is significant opportunity. It may take different forms in different markets, and there may be many components as it takes time to deliver. But the potential is there.”