Walgreens Launches New Branding Campaign

Walgreens is focusing on what it called a legacy of care in a new, multifaceted brand positioning and identity that recently launched. The theme is reflected in the company’s new tagline, “Walgreens. Trusted since 1901.”

The brand positioning is an effort to emphasize the aspects of Walgreens from the past 116 years. Those attributes, such as care, trust and accessibility, are the focus of the campaign, which includes new advertising and marketing, and a purpose to champion the health and well-being of communities, the company said.

“We went deep into Walgreens history to rediscover what makes Walgreens great,” said Alex Gourlay, co-chief operating officer for Walgreens Boots Alliance and president of Walgreens. “It was clear from our research that three strong characteristics define our relationship with our customers, rooted firmly in our history since 1901: care, trust and accessibility. We’ve always cared for our customers’ health and well-being, but how we’ve cared has evolved over time. As consumer behavior continues to change, we will focus on these core attributes to help define the work we do.”

The brand campaign is part of Walgreens’ transformation efforts, which includes introducing new programs and services. Some of the more recent examples highlighted by the company include care provided through specialized pharmacies focused on oncology, hepatitis and HIV; the addition of trained beauty consultants at approximately 3,000 stores; access to FedEx package pickup and drop-off services at 7,500 stores; and the simplification of its product assortment in approximately 1,500 stores to make shopping easier.