Walker Edison Boosts Warehouse Capacity

Approximately tripling distribution capacity, Walker Edison has leased a new 80,000 square foot warehouse with 32-foot clear heights in Salt Lake City, UT, to meet increased demand for its furniture.

The new facility will operate in addition to the ready-to-assemble furniture supplier’s 40,000 square foot warehouse and corporate offices. The new warehouse will allow Walker Edison to stock product in depth, the company noted, so it can guarantee rapid response to its retail customer’s needs.

The new facility will feature upgraded warehouse management and inventory management systems, the company maintained, and will become fully operational and stocked by first quarter’s end. Walker Edison added that it keeps 95% of its product line in stock at all times to avoid out of stocks whenever possible.

“Our business is growing exponentially, our product line is growing as we add new categories, so our in-stock inventory has increased as well as the volume on our existing items,” said Barrett Bushman, Walker Edison’s chief marketing officer. “For example, this year we added headboards as a new product category and extended the options on outdoor, dining, home entertainment and home office.”