Walmart Adds New Gift Shopping Features

This holiday season, Walmart has added new features to make online shopping easier for gift givers, the company announced, including new categories in the Gift Finder tool, new ways to inform customers which items can be sent as a gift and a new eGift Card feature in the Walmart app.

According to Walmart, its customers are shopping earlier than ever for this holiday season, and so it is emphasizing ways to help them accomplish their gift-giving missions. A year ago, Walmart launched a Gift Finder tool to help customers with a variety of merchandise options. The company acknowledged, though, that what customers plan to buy this year is changing somewhat, so it has added new filters to reflect lifestyles that have evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic. Walmart has added categories such as Nostalgia & Retro and Gift Sets for those who prefer ready-to-give presents. It also offers Gift Cards and e-Gifts options crossing a range of categories, which consumers can send in the mail or digitally.

Some gift categories featured last year are more relevant now based on customer shopping trends, Walmart noted, such as Pet Gifts, Arts & Crafts gifts and Games, Books & Movies. lets customers mark an item as a gift, so the item arrives in a Walmart box to keep it secret. It hides the price from the recipient and also emails a customizable gift message in a digital gift receipt.

New this year, is letting shoppers know which items can be sent as gifts by labeling them with a gift-eligible icon, not just on the checkout page, but in search results and on item pages. It has added a new gift eligible filter, too, which, Walmart asserted, makes it even easier to shop for items that can be sent as gifts.

Also new this year, the retailer added, shoppers can see if a package has to be shipped in the manufacturer’s original box. Then, for example, customers who want to keep a child’s first bicycle that normally ships in the manufacturer’s box a surprise can make arrangements to pick up the item at a Walmart store or have it shipped to another person’s house instead.