Walmart Boosts Partner Advertising Access

As more retailers and related companies build out their internal marketing functions, Walmart has launched its Advertising Partners program to expand advertiser access to Sponsored Products campaigns, said Lex Josephs, vp/sales and media partnerships, Walmart Media Group.

The program establishes a bidded auction-based marketplace that provides advertisers with more transparency and control, he stated. Brands can increase visibility with Walmart’s diverse audience of shoppers through the program. Brands can use access to Walmart’s shopper footprint to develop sponsored ad experiences to effectively target consumers through partners Flywheel Digital, Kenshoo, Pacvue and Teikametrics. The four partners are established advertising technology platforms with deep search experience and brand-friendly UIs, Josephs said, as well as proven histories of empowering brands through advisory services and account support.

Josephs said Walmart has been investing in building a robust in-house advertising program through Walmart Media Group. In 2019, the company grew its technology offering through the acquisition of Polymorph, which gave Walmart a proven technology platform allowing advertisers to on-board quickly, select audience segments based on shopping behavior, automate ad delivery and measure whether ads influenced sales.

Walmart now can deliver full native ad campaigns and reports to brands. At the same time, Walmart brought on new talent across executive and engineering, Josephs said. The various initiatives, he added, have generated successful campaigns for brand partners such as Kellogg’s and Hershey’s. Josephs asserted that Walmart can now offer brands the ability to maximize ad campaigns by providing rich data insights, drawn from both in-store and online operations, at scale.