Walmart Expands Services In Arkansas Supercenter Test

Walmart is testing the supercenter of the future. New ideas the retailer is trying out in its Rogers, Arkansas, store include a new baby department that incorporates a stroller garage for hands-on product tryouts and an in-store pickup and services shared space up front.

The retailer noted that the pickup space is clearly marked so customers can find it and retrieve their orders quickly.

The store also provides multiple checkout options. Scan & Go supplies a wand customers can use to check in items as they’re shopping. In addition, the Rogers supercenter mounts hybrid registers that can be self-service or manned by store staffers, depending on circumstances. Nearby, Walmart is testing high-velocity checkouts that allow a cashier to scan items while the customer moves through the line to pay, stations that can be three times faster in operation than conventional check stands, the company said.

As for making the shopping experience more relaxing, the Rogers store provides automotive customers with a waiting area furnished with items from where customers can watch television, enjoy a coffee, charge their phones and see their cars being serviced, as well as a sleek, modern-look electronics and entertainment section.

Walmart noted that it’s too early to tell what, if anything, will be adopted by other supercenters after the Rogers test.