Walmart Initiates InHome Delivery In Three Cities

In another move to enhance its omnichannel operations, Walmart has launched in-home delivery. The launch of the service, dubbed InHome, has taken off in Pittsburgh, Kansas City and Vero Beach, FL.

Bart Stein, svp/membership and InHome, noted that, from the announcement of the service early in the summer, Walmart has been ramping up to deliver fresh groceries and everyday essentials directly to customer kitchens or garages, with perishable food going straight into the fridge. As with services such as store pick-up of groceries and online orders, Walmart intended the in-home delivery service to give families back time they would otherwise spend on traveling to and shopping at stores. In the case of grocery pick-up and in-home delivery, Walmart especially wanted to give back that time shoppers spend picking up the same products week in and out.

“We’re obsessed with simplifying grocery shopping and finding ways to make our customers’ lives easier,” Stein pointed out. “That’s why InHome goes the extra step so that our customers can live their lives without worrying about making it to the store or being home to accept a delivery.”

With the service, Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Vero Beach consumers can call up and see if their address is eligible. If it is, they can choose either the kitchen or garage delivery for a $49.95 fee that covers the smart device needed for home access, which includes professional installation. With the smart lock installed, the customer gets unlimited deliveries for the introductory price of $19.95 per month, with the first month free and an ongoing $30 minimum basket requirement. In dropping orders off, Walmart delivery associates gain home entry through the smart entry technology while wearing proprietary cameras that offer customers additional control over household access and give them the ability to watch deliveries remotely.

As for when the introductory period might end and what the service charge might be then, a Walmart spokesperson told HomeWorld Business only that, for now, the company is focusing on the introductory period. He had no other word on its duration and what might happen after.

Although he didn’t mention where, Stein indicated that Walmart is planning to expand in-home delivery over the next few months.