Walmart Offering Shoppers No Contact Options

In adapting to a COVID-19 hit marketplace, Walmart has begun offering customers no contact payment, pickup and delivery options.

In a blog, Janey Whiteside, evp/chief customer officer, explained that checking out at Walmart will be completely contact free on any register when customers use Walmart Pay on the Walmart app in the coming week. Previously, customers had to touch a payment select screen to process a checkout transaction. Now, customers who have a smartphone can simply scan a QR code to sync Walmart Pay, allowing them to complete transactions completely free of contact.

At the same time, Walmart’s pickup and delivery services have experienced increasing demand over the past few weeks and the company is adding enhanced safety measures. Pickup customers can simply open their trunks, and associates will load their groceries in, with no need to sign for the order. In a similar vein, Walmart will bypass the signature in delivery transactions, asking drivers to simply leave the order on customer doorsteps.