Walmart Readies Texas Store Improvements

As part of a national innovation expansion strategy, Walmart expects to spend an estimated $264.9 million this year in Texas through the remodeling of 54 stores, as well as the launch and continued expansion of several customer-focused services.

Launching or expanded this year in Texas includes Walmart’s grocery pickup option, which will expand to more than 74 stores across the state by the end of the year; grocery delivery service will be added to 84 stores in the state. Walmart also plans to add 82 pickup towers to stores across the state.

In terms of technology, Walmart’s Autonomous Shelf Scanner will be expanded to 25 additional stores across the state. A new system in Walmart backrooms known as Fast Unloader, which automatically scans and sorts items that come off trucks based on priority and department, will be added to 137 stores across the state. An autonomous floor scrubber that uses assisted autonomy technology to perform the task of cleaning and scrubbing the concrete floors in stores will be expanded to 171 stores across the state this year.

Nationwide this fiscal year, Walmart plans to add an additional 1,200 autonomous floor scrubbers, 300 autonomous shelf-scanners, 1,200 Fast unloaders and 900 Pickup Towers to stores across the country. Also, the company plans to expand online grocery pickup to an additional 1,000 stores and add another 800 stores across the country to the retailer’s grocery delivery footprint.