Walmart Ready To Upgrade E-Commerce Site is getting a makeover. In an article on the company’s corporate website, Ben Galbraith, vp/global products, Walmart global E-commerce wrote that the retailer intends to overhaul familiar features and introduce new ones to improve the customer experience on the full range of commonly employed electronic devices.

The content changes are based on deployment of an all-new e-commerce platform that the company has been building from the ground up over the past two years, Galbraith related. The new platform modernizes the technology the retailer used to build, he wrote.

Galbraith declared that Walmart would revise the site from the ground up with a simple, bold and modern design that will provide an attractive presentation on a tablet, a laptop or a desktop screen. In fact, the starting point for the new presentation’s development was a tablet screen, with the display for other device classes adapted from there, he said.

The updated will have capabilities that allow it to tailor functionalities to individual customers, personalizing more content based on past shopper activity. As the website revisit proceeds, will increase the quality and frequency of personalized item recommendations it makes based on a customer’s past searches or purchases on the site, but it also will suggest products that other customers typically buy along with the item a customer is shopping, Galbraith wrote.

A new My Local Store site section will enable customers to explore the features of their nearby Walmart stores, including a list of current Rollbacks, a selection of coupons and more, he noted. The revised site will feature enhanced bundle values that give customers a chance to buy related products together for savings, and in some cases, to configure their own product combinations, and provide a simplified checkout process. Customers who click on an item to see additional details will soon view an updated item page that features an increased focus on product imagery, simpler presentation of buying options and purchasing opportunities from our growing marketplace of third-party sellers, as well as improved item-related content and user reviews, Galbraith maintained.