Walmart Reopens Milpitas Store, Taps Into Wind Farm

Walmart has reopened an expanded store in Milpitas, CA. The retailer has also tapped into a new wind farm in Comanche County, TX.

The Milpitas store reopened as a supercenter adding 20,000 square feet and now totals 145,000 square feet, according to Walmart. The larger size will allow for more merchandising and better staging of product from general merchandise through food and pharmacy, the company stated.

In addition, Pattern Energy Group Inc. announced the opening of the 200 megawatt Logan’s Gap Wind facility in Comanche County. It debuts with a long-term power purchase agreement with Walmart. The Logan’s Gap wind farm will sell 75% of the electricity produced to Walmart and a financial institution, Pattern Energy stated, adding that a 10-year power purchase agreement has Walmart acquiring 58% of the expected output from the facility.

“Walmart has a goal to be supplied by 100% renewable energy, and sourcing from wind energy projects like the Logan’s Gap Wind Facility is a core component in the mix,” said Walmart vp/energy Mark Vanderhelm. “The energy we’ll procure from this facility represents nearly one-fifth of the U.S. portion of our goal to source seven billion kilowatt hours of renewable energy by 2020. That’s a significant leap forward on our renewable energy journey.”