Walmart Speeds Supplier Site Access

Walmart is partnering with suppliers to more efficiently develop content for e-commerce. Salsify, a product content management platform, announced that it is working with the retailer to expedite content development.

Now Salsify customers can publish product content directly to Walmart’s systems using its Content Spec 2.0 interface, the PCM supplier noted, adding that Walmart is spending $1 billion in 2016 on e-commerce initiatives such as ContentSpec 2.0 to improve shopper experience. With Salsify, the company asserted, Walmart suppliers can get to market faster with more accurate content via the tech supplier’s application program interface.

“Digital product content impacts not only online commerce but also the mobile and in-store experience, so providing consumers with clear and compelling product information is important for the entire buyer’s journey,” said Rob Gonzalez, co-founder and vp/business development at Salsify. “We worked closely with Walmart to beta test the API and are now one of the first companies to publish our customer’s content directly to Walmart, getting their best content to Walmart in minutes instead of weeks.”