Walmart Tops Grocery Market Share Leaders

According to published figures attributed to GlobalData Retail, Walmart was the leader in grocery market share in 2016, with 14.5% of sales.

As for major grocery store operators, Kroger held 7.2%, Albertsons 4.5%, Eastern Grocers 3.9% and Ahold Delhaize 2.4%. Together they represent about 20% of the market.

Other important food retailers include Costco with a 2.4% market share, Publix with 2.3%, Target with 2.1% and HEB with 1.7%.

GlobalRetail pegged Whole Foods at 1.2% of the market ahead of Dollar General, at just under 1.2%, and Supervalu at 1.1%. Amazon’s market share at the time of the study was 0.19%.

Then Amazon purchased Whole Foods and propelled itself into the top tier of food retailers. Still, the market share numbers demonstrate how diverse the food retailing market is, with even top participants holding market shares of less than 3%.

Until last year, Amazon was an interesting addition to the grocery business but, said Stern, “not significant until they bought Whole Foods.”