Walmart U.S. Manufacturing Summit Takes Next Step

As featured in the July 6 issue of HomeWorld Business, Walmart currently is conducting its U.S. Manufacturing Summit, emphasizing, said Cindi Marsiglio, Walmart vp/U.S. sourcing and manufacturing, that the company is expanding on its intention to assemble “merchants, suppliers and potential suppliers, looking for new products made in the U.S.A. to support American jobs. We’re looking for great products. We’re also putting together our suppliers and potential suppliers with resources to accelerate U.S. manufacturing.”

In inviting potential participants to the summit, Walmart indicated that it was building on the initial summit, held two years ago. The inaugural summit detailed and set parameters for the Walmart $250 billion domestic sourcing initiative, which the retailer developed as a means of encouraging vendors to manufacture, assembly and reshore products in the United States. In doing so, the retailer emphasized, Walmart and the supplier community could bolster the economy, add jobs and support communities.

Last year’s summit focused on action, taking ideas about how to effectively produce items in the United States and putting them into practice, with the goal of getting product ready for presentation to Walmart, and then, if they pass muster, into its distribution system and onto store shelves.

This year, the focus is on ramping up the U.S. production program, expanding and sharing effective practices that can help promote U.S. manufacturing and related processes, all with the ultimate purpose of creating jobs.

From the beginning, Walmart has used its summits to foster supplier progress in domestic production. Once again, Walmart has invited governors and economic development officials from multiple states to attend the event and let vendors know what kind of programs and assistance various government agencies can render.

Walmart executives and buyers are in attendance as well, with “Walmart merchant leaders, including our CEO of Walmart U.S., Greg Foran,” Marsiglio said. He is attending “to talk about what Walmart’s doing and what’s in our future to create more American jobs,” she added.

For more on Walmart’s Made in the U.S.A. initiatives, see the July 6 issue of HomeWorld Business. The issue’s Made in U.S.A. report also features category-by-category coverage of housewares vendors and their American-made efforts.