Waterlogic Debuts Countertop Home Water Purifier

Waterlogic recently introduced its Countertop Home Water Purifier at the International Home + Housewares Show. The new water filtration appliance, said the company, is a commercial-standard product that is made for home use. It is expected to be available at retail stores later this year. 

At the core of the machine is Waterlogic’s Firewall technology, which the company explained purifies water up to the moment that it is dispensed. Waterlogic stated that the technology’s combination of UV purification and carbon block filtration ensures the dispensed water is 99.99% free of bacteria, viruses and cysts, according to the company.

The compact cube is designed to sit on a countertop and is connected directly into a home’s water source, making it ready to dispense hot or cold water at any time, said Waterlogic.

The Countertop’s Water Purifier’s Firewall purification technology requires one lamp and filter change per year.

Moshe Gazit, managing director of Waterlogic’s consumer products division, said, “Waterlogic products, including the Countertop Home Water Purifier, effectively eliminate contaminants smaller than one micron in size (including foul-tasting chlorine) while also providing vital protection from the growth of bacteria and viruses.”