Waterpik Teams With Celebrity Dentist Chris Strandburg

Waterpik is teaming with reality star and dentist Dr. Chris Strandburg as part of a new campaign to address oral hygiene issues facing Americans.

In time for National Dental Hygiene Month in October, Strandburg and Waterpik will work to debunk oral care myths to empower self-professed “flossing failures” and help them start a more honest relationship with their daily flossing routine, the company said.

“In my experience, patients that have honest, consistent, and effective flossing practices tend to have less tooth decay and gum disease,” said Strandburg.

A recent survey conducted by Waterpik and the American Dental Association noted that 16% of Americans floss on a daily basis. In addition, 44% admit they have exaggerated to their dentist how much they floss.