Wayfair Closing Natick Store

After opening the location in August 2019, Wayfair is closing its brick-and-mortar store in Natick, MA.

Wayfair stated that it is closing the Natick Mall store as the company refines its physical retail strategy to more comprehensively reflect the Wayfair brand in a store retail setting. The Natick store and the temporary pop-up shops Wayfair has operated provided opportunities to experiment with physical retail and learn how to showcase the company’s selection of products, while reinforcing a best-in-class shopping experience, Wayfair asserted. Now, the company intends to leverage learnings to further inform long-term physical retail plans and more clearly define the omnichannel shopping experience across its family of brands.

A Wayfair spokesperson stated that the company remains excited about physical retail and is working on what the next phase of its store initiative will look like.