Wayfair Launches Commercial Furniture Collection

Wayfair Professional has launched its first commercial-use collection of office furniture and decor, dubbed Upper Square.

The new commercial product line includes contemporary and mid-century modern designs that accommodate open or private office concepts, with traditional furnishings as well as those suited for collaboration spaces, reception areas, kitchens and cafes. Upper Square includes almost 700 office-ready pieces that can work for  businesses from start-ups to industry-leading firms.

The product line extends from standing desks to soft seating solutions, providing customers with affordable options that are flexible enough for new or established businesses. Wayfair stated that it developed Upper Square pieces to withstand everyday use in an active office environment, adding that products in the collection can be delivered with shorter-than-average lead times.

“We are thrilled to announce our first ever commercial-use office line, a curated collection to meet the needs of businesses across industries, regardless of size,” said Margaret Lawrence, vp/Wayfair Professional. “Upper Square is as stylish as it is functional, a modern solution for start-ups, shared work spaces and other businesses designing offices for today’s dedicated and diverse workforce.”