Wayfair: Non-Traditional Suits More Holiday Decorators

Research gathered by Wayfair.com suggests that consumers are more willing to shape the holiday season according to their own, often untraditional tastes and circumstances.

For example, Wayfair noted that sales of half Christmas trees are up about 150% from last year. The 6.5-inch Half Evergreen Artificial Christmas Tree has taken the top selling spot in the segment on the e-tailer’s site. In addition, Wayfair non-green Christmas tree sales have increased more than 300% year over year, the company stated, with white, blue, silver, gold and brown as best sellers after green trees. To top it off, upside down Christmas trees have continued to generate an appreciative response. Wayfair noted it now carries an assortment of about 100 upside down trees.

In a development that might stand as support for non-traditional, customized holiday decorating, Wayfair maintained that among the 250 unique pieces offered in its popular 5 for $25 Ornament Shop, an avocado item was the first to sell out.