Wayfair Professional Identifies Design Trends To Watch

As 2021 approaches, Wayfair Professional has made its interior design trend predictions, which expands on style directions that have been evolving in the marketplace.

Design specialists at Wayfair Professional looked at how interiors are evolving to meet changing aesthetics and identified eight design trends to watch in 2021:

  • Curved Statements. With art deco shapes and patterns, modern curved statement pieces can soften and relax a room while maintaining a refined, architectural design. Rounded furnishings and other elements add clarity, precision and freshness to a space. The trend feels almost Parisian, where art meets design, with clean lines, light neutrals and soft sensibilities.
  • 80s Revival. A highly curated, vintage ‘80’s inspiration with a sculptural overtone and purposeful color use. Pieces that explore the wilder side of geometry. Playful, exuberant and over-the-top, the look incorporates polished metals, oversized pieces, high gloss, bold shapes and energetic colors.
  • Bold Emerald. A rich color, emerald recalls the height of spring, deep moss, pine-forest hues and, so, a sense of renewal. The deep, versatile hue bringings nature indoors in, for example, striking emerald walls, an emerald velvet couch or luxe emerald finishes. Accent possibilities include green marble, lacquered paint or glazed ceramics for a tone on tone look.
  • Nature Inspired. The desire for renewed bonding with nature and the outdoors underlies the trend. Organic materials and pure textiles embrace natural beauty, structure and irregularities. Earth tones, organic shapes and textures, woven rattan, and reclaimed and recycled materials speak to a need for sustainable design and everyday wellness.
  • Tradish with a Twist. The classics can feel modern again in combination, as in mid-century pieces with more traditional elements. Bold use of color, touches of nostalgia and a sense of humor are important in this playful trend. Statement wallpaper, colored glass, plush velvets in rich tones and a touch of vintage bring this design approach to life.
  • Modern Boho Chic. A look that takes elements from several vibrant style trends. Designs mix neutrals with unique patterns. Metal accents provide contrast.
  • Classic Glam Contemporary. The glam trend has prompted variation to suit a range of tastes. Art deco style influences are central. Chic silhouettes and metallic accents help differentiate the look.
  • Cozy Comfort. A design trend for tumultuous times. The look evokes the past with heirloom touches. Yet the style lends essentially timeless pieces that will remain relevant.