Wayfair Spotlights Industrial Farmhouse Style Trends

In a move that identifies key home furnishings trends, Wayfair has released its Wayfair Professional renovation report for contractors.

Although it is part of Wayfair’s efforts to provide contractor-specific benefits for professional members, the report identifies and considers Industrial Farmhouse as a popular trend in the market, detailing how it is playing out in terms of materials, finishes and products especially in consumer kitchens and bathrooms across North America. The report demonstrates how consumers are investing in the trend, which is likely to influence the interior design of a home.

Among the conclusions, Wayfair noted that open shelving is replacing cabinets to create a minimal look and show off serveware, tableware and drinkware. In addition, as searches have gained significantly on its site, Wayfair stated that geometric pendant lamps with open frames are enticing consumers. Matte black is emerging as what Wayfair identified as the “boldest neutral” to contrast with lighter grays and whites. At the same time, color pops are enlivening such contrasting roomscapes, which can manifest in the inclusion of bold-tone furnishings. Consumers also are expressing more interest in mosaic tile for floors and sinks that have a floating construction, as well as the application of tin and concrete looks.

“With millions of customers, Wayfair has the ability to track emerging design trends and share how consumers are bringing them to life in their own homes. While there are regional variations, it’s clear that Industrial Farmhouse is evolving in new ways across North America,” said Margaret Lawrence, vp/Wayfair Professional.