Wayfair Pro Touts Trends For Outdoor With Indoor Dimension

The difference between indoor and outdoor space is shrinking when it comes to home furnishings, something that Wayfair pointed out in its “Trend Watch 2020: Outdoor Spaces” report.

Even with the COVID-19 crisis still scrambling everyday life, some sort of summer is coming, and Wayfair had its style experts dive deep into customer shopping behaviors and searches to determine the top outdoor design trends of 2020. The analysis identified continuing shopper interest in bringing reminders of the outdoors inside and bringing personal home styles out to backyards, decks, patios and balconies.

According to Wayfair, outdoor spaces are being redefined and treated as extensions of the home’s interior, as clients working with its professional services operation look to create multipurpose spaces for working, cooking, eating and relaxing where they connect with the natural environment. A general lifestyle trend to establish indoor/outdoor spaces has been gaining, and that has generated interest in furnishings that can work at the threshold and even within a home, complementing trends for bamboo, rattan and other materials that give inside spaces a casual but stylish outside sensibility

Searches for rattan outdoor furniture jumped 401% recently, Wayfair noted, as transitional pieces in mixed materials, including wood, ceramic and concrete, and earthy colors gained popularity. Consumers have made outdoor spaces as comfortable as living rooms as they shift activities from indoors to outdoors and back.

Wayfair noted a trend toward vertical gardens and hanging planters as well, one that has an indoor and outdoor dimension. Wall planter searches have been up 62% recently and those for vertical gardens have been up 43%.

Other product segments seeing surging search activity include outdoor seating groups and deep seating, outdoor bars, outdoor kitchen and dining groupings including kitchen islands and modular outdoor kitchens. Fire pits and outdoor lighting, and storage products that function as space saving solutions, such as outdoor storage benches and deck boxes, have garnered more interest as well.