Wellness Theme Drives Story Shops At Macy’s

Story at Macy’s, the narrative-driven retail concept inside 36 Macy’s stores nationwide, has unveiled its latest theme: “Feel Good.” Through April 2020, the Feel Good Story brings a fresh focus on wellness and uses merchandise curation and events to explore simple and actionable ways for customers to find greater balance, energy and nourishment.

In partnership with the award-winning fitness and wellness media platform, Well+Good, the Feel Good Story theme leverages its expertise in the field to help define and demystify what it means to live a healthy life through both editorial tips and product picks, the company said.

The wellness-focused retail narrative invites discovery through three curatorial spaces and each introduces merchandise and experiences to help the consumer feel Balanced, Energized and Nourished. Well+Good also supports Story’s merchandise curation by leveraging its 2020 Wellness Trends to inform product selections. Within these broad themes, Story at Macy’s and Well+Good take aim at trending topics like sleep, self-care, exercise, hydration, muscle recovery and healthy snacking.

To bring the Feel Good experience to life, Story energizes its in-store environment with meditation spaces in partnership with the Calm app at all locations and a range of community-centered events focused on wellness. The concept will host events featuring local experts in the health and wellness space for cooking classes, panel discussions, journaling and meditation workshops, a manicure bar, yoga and barre classes, and mocktail-faking workshops.