West Elm Workspace Debuts New Flexible Office Furniture

West Elm Workspace with Inscape has recently debuted its second assortment of office furniture designs at NeoCon, adding 55 new pieces.

In combining West Elm’s residential style with contract performance, the companies said they designed the collection for today’s diverse work profile, creating a comfortable, inviting atmosphere with worker wellness in mind. The new designs were formulated based in part on research conducted by Plastarc, a social research and design consultancy firm.

Choice is an essential hallmark of the new Workspace collection, the retailer noted. West Elm will offer the new lineup as configurable solutions that allow users to shift easily from individual tasks to collaborative work. Modular seating options allow users to configure items so people can sit together to brainstorm in a casual setting or split into individual spaces for singular concentration. Screen division systems flex to serve team meetings or solitary activities. Height-adjustable benching systems allow users to individualize their workstation while maintaining a cohesive office style. Integrated power modules on coffee and occasional tables provide convenience and support mobility. In addition, office accessories and artful accents allow for personalization, warmth and wellness, according to West Elm.

“The 2015 launch of Workspace began with a core collection that redefined how individuals and organizations approach work,” said Jim Brett, West Elm president. “This year’s design debut integrates more choice and flexibility to emphasize the importance of humanizing the work environment, and better addresses the dynamic needs of modern businesses beyond just the furniture.”