Whirlpool Appoints Aroma International Air Purifier Licensee

Whirlpool Corp. has granted Austin, Texas-based air purification systems manufacturer Aroma International exclusive rights to manufacture and market Whirlpool branded air purifiers, filters and accessories for North America.

Under the new license, Aroma will launch a portfolio of air purification appliances with design and technology as the focus. The line will include the introduction of a new filtration technology that will more effectively eliminate germs, bacteria and certain viruses both from the air and the filters that collect them, according to Russell Owens, director of marketing and sales at Aroma.

In order to attract new consumers into the category, the full range of air purifier appliances includes entry-level, mid-range and high-end units, with manufacturer suggested retail prices ranging from $99.99 to $399.99. The portfolio will include four tower-style and three console-style air purifiers.

According to Owens, Aroma will continue to manufacture and support the warrantee on previously manufactured Whirlpool branded air purification products.

“We will ensure that we continue honoring the Whirlpool brand heritage in everything we do, and honoring, more importantly, the consumers that already have a Whirlpool product in their home,” Owens said.