Whole Foods Sees Sales Opportunity With Amazon Lockers

According to location data from 50 million consumers in the U.S., average monthly foot traffic at Whole Foods has increased by 1.3% since the Amazon acquisition news broke in June versus the comparable period earlier, digital advertising firm inMarket reported.

Foot traffic has increased by 0.5% since Amazon took control of Whole Foods in August 2017, and so far in 2018 it is up 1.28% year over year at the supermarket’s stores.

The firm did a focus analysis of what it termed micro visits, those that occur when a shopper visits the store for three to five minutes. Across all of the grocery channel thus far in 2018, approximately 9% of visits are micro visits. Whole Foods is attracting fewer micro visits than the typical grocer, with 6.5% lasting between three and five minutes so far this year.

Since Amazon took control of Whole Foods, however, micro visits to stores that installed Amazon Lockers have increased by 11%, versus 7% at stores without lockers.

Incremental visits drive incremental retail revenue but micro visits are unique in that Whole Foods visitors could simply be stopping by for in-store pickups, inMarket noted. Whole Foods has a challenge and opportunity to capitalize on the short visitation via impulse buys and low-consideration products. A critical tool is the mobile device, as smart phones provide retailers and the brand owners who work with them additional opportunities to engage shoppers when they’re inside the store.