Wilton Debuts New Baking Accessories

Wilton is bringing several new baking products to the market, including a sugar writer and a gingerbread doghouse kit.

The new Sugar Writer Sanding Sugar Pen is designed to allow consumers to write messages on cakes, cookies and cupcakes. Users must attach the pen to the sanding sugar bottle and push the button to start writing and drawing with sanding sugar. The battery-powered sugar writer helps create designs and write messages with colored sanding sugars through a fine tip sifter. Batteries are included.

The Gingerbread Doghouse Kit features everything a consumer will need to create a gingerbread house for your furry family member, Wilton said. The kit contains six pre-baked gingerbread house panels, bone sprinkles, a dog icing decoration, and red and white ready-to-use icing. The kit is not approved for animal consumption.